Indoor Arena

Xtreme Tactics is an indoor facility that offers you tactical war games and tactical target
shooting. The game utilizes airsoft rifles, a full-scale replica of actual firearms that
shoot 6mm round plastic pellets (BBs). Protective equipment such as helmets, masks, and
tactical vests are provided to players for protection.

A collaborated effort with your group promotes teamwork. Triumph over your opponent,
accomplish given scenarios and thwart the opposing team.

Not only does Xtreme Tactics offer you endless fun, it gives you a great workout and it’s a
great way to relieve stress.

The action starts today!

Rules to adhere to:
-Absolute Minimum age to play is 16
-Any players 16 or 17 years of age must have a parent or legal guardian present.
-All players must present valid ID. Photo portion and Date of Birth
required. (Drivers Licence, LC card, Student card along with a medical
card/birth certificate).




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