To book simply give us a call at 204-774-4303 to make an appointment.

If you are leaving a message for an appointment, please provide us with the following information:


-Contact Number

-Desired Date

-Desired Time Slot

-Approximate amount of players


We also allow Walk-In’s as well. However players who book will have first priority over walk-ins.


Deals, offers and Specials:

Book at game with six players or more on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays and the Organizer of the game gets to play for FREE.

Second games on the same day is HALF PRICE.

Some restrictions applies. Cannot be combined with any other offers.


Private Booking and Group Rate (Per session):

-$352 for up to 16 players (maximum)
-Works out to be $22 per person
-Each player can choose his or her package (same rate applies to all packages excluding upgrades and specialty packages).
-Approx savings per player: $8
-Total saving for the group: $128


-Must book in advance

-Must leave half deposit before the day of the event ($176)

-Must pay the remaining half on the day of the game ($176)

-The organizer of the game is in charge of collecting the payment. We only accept two lump sums of payment (Not individual payment from each player at the time of the appointment).

-Assures you a private/closed game (with only you are your party).  No public walk-ins.

With the group rate your entire party would be able to play together.  However your group would be split up into different teams (one against the other).
Each additional player (on top of the 16) will also qualify for the discounted $22 rate.  However the organizer does not have to collect payment for these players as they can simply pay in person.  We only take the two lump sums of $176 to avoid any number confusion (no more, no less).

All packages includes the following:
-Rental Gun

-Four magazines of ammo (200-280 rounds depending on the package)

-Full Facemask (Covers your eyes, teeth and ears)


-Tactical Vest


You can also check out our FAQ page, or please feel free to Contact Us at (204) 774-4303


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