Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What should I wear?

A: It is recommended you wear the following:

Clothing: Anything lightweight with full coverage (long sleeved) is recommended. This is a very physically demanding sport so expect to break a sweat. So please stay away from heavy, thick, non-breathable clothing.

Footwear: Runners/sneakers or anything you are comfortable running around in is a good choice. But please refrain from wearing open-toed shoes or high heels.

Gloves: Anything that offers coverage should be good.  Make sure they aren’t too big/bulky such as hockey gloves or big winter gloves as the operation of your gun requires you to use your fingers (pulling your trigger, selecting the firing modes, changing your magazines, etc).

At Xtreme Tactics, we provide you with the following safety equipment: full face mask, helmet, and a tactical vest that covers your upper body.

Q: What forms of ID do you accept?

A: We require photo ID with your Date Of Birth.

-Drivers License
-Liquor commission card
-Combination of a Student Card (with photo) or other photo ID along with a medical card or birth certificate

Q: Is it painful? Does it hurt?

A: In comparison to paintball, airsoft hurts significantly less due to the weight of the projectile. An average paintball weights 1 gram, while impact force is less due to the bb’s reduced weight.

the Airsoft bb’s we use weigh 0.20 grams. Although airsoft and paintball projectiles travel at the same velocity, the impacting force is significantly less.

Some would describe the pain as similar to being snapped with a rubber band.

Q: What are Airsoft guns? How do they function?

A: Airsoft guns are 1:1 scale of actual firearms. Because of their realistic nature and operations, along with their low-injury risk, they are often used as props in movie production, law enforcement training aids, and military training aids in many countries.

Airsoft guns can propel 6mm plastic ball bearings either by a mechanical gearbox, a moving piston inside a cylinder forcing air to propel the bb. Or a gas propelled discharge.

Q: Can I bring a wavier form home to get it signed? Can one be e-mailed/faxed to me?

A: No, the wavier form must be done in person by your parent or legal guardian as the wavier form is a legal binding contract.

Q: Who can sign my waiver form?

A: A wavier form must be signed by your parent or legal guardian (a person to whom is given the legal title to entrust another’s benefit). It cannot be signed by an older sibling, friends of legal age, uncles, aunts, or friend’s parents, etc.

Q: Can I bring my own equipment?

A: Yes, however there are a few regulations concerning that.

-All Airsoft guns MUST be brought into the building via proper gun case. A toy or not, you must treat them with the same amount of respect and safety pre-caution. You might know it’s a toy but others may not.

-All Airsoft guns must be brought in with chambers cleared and unloaded. Keeping your Airsoft gun loaded when not in use is NOT a good idea.

-Field ammo must be used at Xtreme Tactics. With your admission fee, we supply you with FOUR standard magazine fills (For High Capacity magazines. We fill the equivalent of four standard magazines). The main reason behind this is SAFETY. Airsoft bb’s comes in many different grades, and weights. Lower grade bb’s will shatter upon impact and heavier weighted bb’s will cause more damage to other players and to our facility. By restricting the use of different brands and different weights of bb’s we are able to ensure a safe playing environment.

-All guns brought in to our facility must pass our Safety FPS (Feet Per Second)/velocity regulations using 0.20gram bb’s. Any gun shooting at 350FPS or over (deemed too “hot”) will not be allowed to be used in our facility.

Q: Can I wear my own goggles?

A: Xtreme Tactics has a full face mask policy. “Just goggles” will not be allowed without some sort of mouth/teeth protection. All goggles and facemasks brought in must pass our ballistics tests. Those that fail the test will are not allowed to be used.


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