Laser Training Simulator

Judgmental and marksmanship shooting simulator (Same ones used by Military and Law Enforcement Professionals around the world).

Perfect for practicing your Fast Draw, IPSC, IPDA, Defense or Hunting Skills.


Our simulator offers a wide variety of training drills as, well as entertaining games and even customize scenarios and courses.

For Private Military and Law Enforcement use.  Please contact us for rates and details.


Specialized Equipment

AR-15 drop in bolts and 12 Gauge Shotgun laser inserts are available for use (Military and Law Enforcement Use Only).


Custom Drills and Scenarios

Customize your own Course of Fire with Virtual Ranges or High Definition Video Judgmental Scenarios made by your Department, Unit or Agency.  (Military and Law Enforcement Use Only).


Military And Law Enforcement

FREE 20 Minutes of use in our Laser Ammo Simulator



-Must show proper Active Military or Law Enforcement Identification

-Limit one Free 20 Minute session per day

-Includes the use of the SIRT 110 Pistol (Glock 17 Imitation) OR the SF25 Pistol (Smith and Wesson M&P Imitation)

-Additional Time can be purchased at $5 per 20 Minute Session

Weapon Upgrades:

Gas Operated Blow Back 1911 Variant Pistol with one CO2 Cartridge: $5

Gas Operated Blow Back MP5K with one CO2 Cartridge: $5

Additional CO2 Cartridge: $1 (plus tax)



Training Modes

Match Target Drill

Targets with different shapes, colours or numbers will appear on the screen.  Shoot the corresponding target based on your visual indicator at the bottom or based on the audible voice.

Indicates: Time, Hits, Misses and Wrong targets


-Number of Passes from 1 to 10

-Difficulty: Easy, Medium or Hard

-Target Type: Shapes or Numbers

-Target Indicator: Image or Sound

-Colour Targets or Black and White Targets


Moving Target Drill

A singular target will move from one side of the range to the other.  Shoot a target on the move to test your skill.

Indicates: Time, Hits, Misses and Score


-13 Targets to choose from including hostage type targets

-Number of Passes

-Target Moving Speed from 25 to 400 Percent

-Target Size

-Movement Direction from Left to Right or Right to Left


Speed Drill

This is a proper identification and speed drill while you race against the clock.

A series of 20 targets will appear on the screen.  Red are SHOOT targets awhile Black are NO SHOOT targets.  SHOOT and NO SHOOT targets will appear a random.  You have a set limit of time to eliminate all the SHOOT targets until the next series of targets appear.


Indicates: Shooting Window Time until the next random set of targets appear, Total Time and Score


-Adjustable Stage Time from 1 to 120 Seconds

-Adjustable Total Time from 1 to 120 Seconds

-Number of SHOOT Targets from 1 to 20



Tracking Drill


This drill exercises your target tracking skills.  The target will glide from one edge to the next while changing angles each time, every time the target is shot it will change direction.

Indicates: Time, Hits, Misses and Score


-13 Targets to choose from including hostage type targets

-Target Moving Speed

-Target Size and Scale

-Time limit for each session


Transitional Drill

A target will appear in a random location.  Once the set amount of shots have been made, the target will disappear and relocate itself on a different position.  The target will also relocate itself after a set amount of time.

Indicates: Time, Hits, Misses and Score


-13 Targets to choose from including hostage type targets

-Target Scale/Size

-Target Face Time before it relocates 1 to 120 Seconds

-Target Pause time (For how long the target will disappear before it relocates itself) can be adjusted from 0 to 120 Seconds

-Shots per Target can be adjusted from 1 to 10

-Targets per Drill can be set from 1 to 30

-NO SHOOT Targets Can be Added


Barrel & Bomb Outbreak!

Shoot all Barrels and Bombs before they hit you!  Bombs and Barrels will be bouncing and rolling towards you as you try to shoot them.  Points are gained by shooting the bombs or barrels and points are deducted if you let them slip by.

Allows six players to compete

Indicates: Score, Hits, Misses, Shot taken and Remaining Game Time

Options: Stage Time


Charging Drill

Targets will slowly creep towards you.  Once shot they will be slightly pushed back.  Keep the targets back and don’t let them reach you!

Indicates: Targets, Hits, Misses and Shots taken


-Active Targets from 2 to 6

-Rounds from 1 to 10

-Difficulty from Easy, Normal or Hard


Master Blaster

Food items will be randomly launched into the air as you try to shoot them down.  Be careful as dynamite and bombs will be randomly launched as well!  Shooting food items will earn you points while shooting at Explosives will decrease your points.

Indicates: Score and Remaining Game Time


-Difficulty Setting

-Stage Time

-Use of NO SHOOT Targets


Ring of Targets

Targets will appear on a spinning table.  Make sure all targets are shot down before the FIVE second countdown goes up!  Be careful as NO SHOOT Targets may be present as well!  The amount of SHOOT and NO SHOOT Targets will increase after successfully completing each round.


-Difficulty Setting

-Number of Stages from 1 to 10

-Optional use of NO SHOOT Targets


Steel Targets Animal Edition

At the start of the game steel animal silhouette will pop up at different spots.  Simply shoot them to knock them down!


Indicates: Targets, Hits, Misses and Shots Fired


-Targets per Round from 2 to 4

-Rounds from 1 to 10

-Sequential Targets On or Off (One target pops up after one is hit.  Or all targets pops up at once at the start of the game)





Bomb Blast

Shoot the Bouncing Bomb inside a container.  Each time the bomb is shot, the bomb’s bouncing speed will increase.

Indicates: Score, Hits and Misses


-Game mode Time Limit

-Bomb Size


Can Toss

Shoot the Metal Cans that pops up behind Five Barricades!  Cans appear at random behind each barricade and are launched into the air at different heights!

Indicates: Score, Hits and Misses


-Amount of Cans/Targets from 1 to 20

-Size of Can/Target


Dueling Tree

(Two Player Game Mode)

Shooter One must shoot all RED targets while Shooter Two must shoot all BLACK targets.  Each time a target is shot, it flips to the opposing colour.  The shooter with no visible targets of their colour is the Winner.  May the fastest shooter WIN!

Indicates: Amount of targets left to shoot per shooter


-Amount of Targets

-Target Alignment on Tree


Target Shooting

Test your skills in our virtual target range!

Indicates: Score, Hits and Misses


-Target Type (Seven Options)

-Target Distance


Trap Shooting

Shoot at Clay Pigeons (Orange Discs) that shoot out in random directions!  Clay Pigeons breaks apart once hit! Shots are shotgun styled so a player only needs to shoot near the target and not directly at it.

Indicates: Score Hits and Misses


-Target Count

-Target Size