Practical Shooting

Practical Shooting

ALL AGE ACTIVITY (Parents must sign a consent form for minors)  

Available Tuesday and Sunday Night BY APPOINTMENT ONLY from 5:00pm to 10:00pm

Cost: $10 (taxes included) for a punch card of FIVE course runs (using your own personal weapon, power source and ammunition)

Cost with Rental: $20 (taxes included) for a punch card of FIVE course runs.  A rental gun, high capacity magazine and 1000 rounds of ammunition.

Punch cards & rental guns cannot be shared

Safety glasses and/or a full facemask can be loaned out at no additional cost.

Additional ammunition can be purchased at $5 for a bag of 1000 rounds.  (This ammunition can ONLY be used for our Interactive Target Range and practical shooting course, not in regular games).

25% OFF for parents who participate with their children!


Regular games take priority.  If a regular game is booked in advance or a walk-in game shows up, XT reserves the right to interrupt a Practical Shooting session.

During the duration of the regular game, any Practical Shooting participants can choose to use our Interactive Shooting Range for FREE.  While using the Shooting Range, our Range officers will provide you with different shooting drills/activities to do so you can enhance your skills.  OR you can choose to join in on the regular game for HALF OFF (If the participants are eligible to play).



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