“The Judge” Ticket Hunt

Play our “The Judge” Ticket hunt game and have a chance to WIN a advance screening pass for one.

Date: Sunday October 5th, 2014

Game Starting Time: 6:00pm

Capacity: 16 players (8 on 8) First come first serve

Please arrive 30 minutes prior to starting time

Objective: Hidden inside our gaming arena would be 10 Red Flashing Markers. Find and retrieve the Marker to redeem a ticket for an advance screening of “The Judge”.

-Limit ONE Flashing Marker to be redeemed per person
-You can only retrieve a Flashing Marker as an active player (ie. Not shot/hit)
-Once hit, head immediately back to your respawn point. Do not take detours to search while you are shot/dead
-Once you find a red flashing marker, you must safely bring it back to our front desk for redemption without getting shot. If you are shot in the process of bringing the flashing marker back, you must place your marker on the floor at the point where you got hit. Once on the floor, the marker will be up for grabs by any player (except for those who have successfully redeemed a marker already)

Advance Screening Information

Wednesday October 8th, 2014
Show Time: 7:00pm
SilverCity St. Vital
160-1225 St. Mary’s Road


Brought to you by Warner Bros. and Xtreme Tactics