Vicinity Reward Points!

Xtreme Tactics now offers Vicinity Rewards points!

Vicinity is absolutely FREE to join and you can earn points to redeem FREE stuff for every dollar you spend! (Applies to both Proshop and Gaming Arena transactions).

Sign up today and get your rewards card or key fob and start earning your reward points now!

(Vicinity rewards does NOT affect our current customer reward program/point system. So in short you are now able to earn double the rewards!)

-100 Points can be redeemed for a free I.T.R. Session
-150 Points can be redeemed for a 50% off a game package in our Arena
-200 Points can be redeemed for a free game package!

If you haven’t signed up for the Vicinity rewards program, come stop on by and sign up today! If you already participate in the program, don’t hesitate to tap your card/keyfob whenever you shop or play!